about me:

Hello ; My name is Alyssa Granati and I am a creative. 

My mission and passion is to take the dream and vision you carry and make it visible, to adorn it with the worth it deserves. I long to build up others by growing their business, company, brand, or dream. I aim to solve problems so your message is clear and memorable.


I am wired to help grow whatever dream I am assigned to. I am eager to learn, ambitious to be challenged, and ready to play a part on your team. 

I have loved branding as both freelance designer to a client and while being a part of a company/business going through this process, as I aim to give a full and lasting identity to a project. I have experienced the corporate agency work flow, the sit down coffee meetings, and have played an integral part of a staff transforming a growing church. I don't design for design's sake, but for the vision at hand. With each experience I have learned and carry with me a sense of excellence, integrity, self motivation, and attention to not just trends but people. 

The past few years my time has been devoted to the visual, creative, and informative expressions of my home church - where I am the Creative Director as well as Graphic Designer.

I'm newly married to my best friend Jules Granati, we live in a hallmark town called Beaver, PA and are blessed with the season we are in right now.